About Charlotte County

Greater Charlotte Harbor & the Gulf Islands Area have been consistently voted the best place to live in the South. The area can boast of an excellent location, pristine waterfront, untouched wilderness and limitless opportunity for dreams to come true. We are Florida’s best keep secret, a tranquil coastal getaway for a relaxing and refreshing escape.

Charlotte County also offers new and expanding transportation networks, including Interstate 75 corridor connecting Charlotte County and Tampa to the north, and Miami to the east. As a result of the existing transportation networks, three-quarters of Florida’s population can be reached within a 150-mile radius of Southwest Florida. Charlotte County’s infrastructure is ever growing, improving and expanding.

Pleasurable getaways and business opportunities! – We are always ready to welcome you in Charlotte County.


Some details about Port Charlotte:

  •   Population: 42,836
  •   Median age: 44.6
  •   Per capita income: $27,940
  •   Median household income: $42.551
  •   Median household disposable income: $36,656
  •   Civilans employed: 16.662
  •   Civilians unemployed: 2,490
  •   Median home sale price: $105,000
  •   Ad valorem tax: 16.8844

Charlotte County Demographic Information based on the 2000 U.S. Census.
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Sunset over Charlotte Harbor from Ponce de Leon Park, Punta Gorda FL
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