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Mayor Rachel Keesling announced that the city millage rate will remain flat, in spite of 4 years of increasing values, after the 6 year decline in property values.

The number of commercial build-outs has increased during 2017.

Fishermen’s Village has started work on the Harborwalk to pass through their property, as well as other changes to the main facility and planning for the IMPAC center.

Springhill Suites hotel, to have 144 rooms is under construction, and will be ready for next winter season, 2018-19.

Announced at the Jan 21, 2018, State of the City address

Pamela Davis is the city’s first female chief of police. At the State of the City address on Jan. 21, 2018, it was announced that her goals include promoting community transparency, as well as promoting and supporting local business.

The City of Punta Gorda welcomes new police chief, Pamela Davis

Being involve with the PGCC, consumers are likely to think favorably of our company.

Danny Ali, GM of La Quinta Inn and Suites, Port Charlotte

The Chamber is a family of business oriented people that strive to look out for the best interests of small businesses in the area. I am so glad to be part of the family!!

Sue Randall, Village Fish Market

The Punta Gorda Chamber, to me, is like family …both business family, as well as social family. Not only have I met people through the chamber who have supported the work that I do, but I have also given business to people I have met through the many chamber activities.

Whether I needed some work done around the house, or some type of automotive service, I have always used the businesses of someone who I have met through chamber networking opportunities. This is a chamber that has a great balance of both business and event programming…offering the opportunity for all community members to get involved.

Keith Callaghan, Lee Memorial Health System Foundation

The Punta Gorda Chamber of Commerce is a tremendous resource to Gettel of Charlotte County.  The Chamber provides awareness, credibility and knowledge about our business to the other businesses in our community. Our continued success and growth depends on the Punta Gorda Chamber.

Cherie George, Gettel of Charlotte County

The Chamber is important to our business for a number of reasons. It actively markets our community, attracting visitors, some of which become residents, to our area. They work at joining the business community as well. We only grow through market share or growth of the community and they help in both areas.

Claudia Bruce, Peace River Distributing

The Punta Gorda Chamber plays an important role in my business.

When I transferred to our Punta Gorda banking center, I didn’t know a soul. My involvement in the Chamber has made me a part of this community. I have made many friends and business associates. New doors have opened and I have had new business opportunities through my Chamber involvement. Overall, the Chamber has been like an extended family to me and I’m grateful to do my part in our Chamber.

Stacy Cruz, Busey Bank

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